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Citation Oil & Gas Corp.  Search and recovery missions to find misplaced, overdue and lost invoices from frustrated vendors and suppliers. Struggling to get overdue invoice approvals from engineers and operations employees. These issues are common to mid-size independent oil & gas companies in the US but as Citation Oil & Gas Corp. discovered, there is a solution that delivers measurable results. Read the full story.

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Welcome to Powervision Software Inc.



End the Paper Chase TODAY.


Information Age


Today's corporate workers - Executives and Clerks alike - must deal with an incredible amount of information on a daily basis. That's good. However, for information to be effective, we have to manage it. And like anything else in great quantity and diversity, it is difficult to manage efficiently. That's where we come in.


Corporate Paper Chase


Whether you're in the Manufacturing, Insurance, Medical, Legal, Banking, Transportation, Energy, or any other industry, you have to deal with paper. Lots of it. Every day. Because regardless of how much computing power we have access to, there is always a time when we need to access source documents.


Even with our best intentions and efforts, these documents end up scattered throughout the company, on people's desks, in corporate file rooms, piled up in hallways, and are being duplicated, faxed, mailed around, and yes, lost.


We don't preach a "Paperless" world. But we certainly believe in a "Less Paper" world. That's what Electronic Document Management technologies enable. The ability to electronically capture, organize, index, store, secure, access and transfer electronic documents, seamlessly, on your existing computer network.


And the Answer is...


Powervision's answer to all these issues is a suite of products focused on a fast-growing technology: Electronic Document Management.


So thousands of square feet of File Rooms can be replaced with a storage device the size of a small fridge. So hundreds of users have simultaneous instant access to millions of documents. So that these documents can be integrated with the other Database systems. So that workers can afford to produce quality and efficiency, because they don't have to stop what they're doing to access the necessary documents. So that there are no more missing files. So that you have a safe Backup of your vital records. So that...


Our solutions include:

  • Software Products
  • Implementation Services
  • Specialized Hardware Procurement